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These 5 Reasons Will Make You Switch To Vegan Leather.

These 5 Reasons Will Make You Switch To Vegan Leather. - Gowma Non Leather Pvt Ltd
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Before You Go Through The Reasons To Switch To Vegan Leather. Let Us Know About
Vegan Leather First.

So What is Vegan Leather???

Is a polymer that can be made according to any designer’s whim. It is made from
innovative and sustainable materials such as pineapple leaves, cork, apple peels, other
fruit waste and recycled plastic that can put animal skins to shame.
The most commonly used materials for synthetic leathers are polyvinyl chloride
(PVC) and polyurethane (PU), which are plastic based materials. Another term for fake leather is “pleather” which comes from the term plastic leather.

Understanding harsh reality of animal leather industry will definitely leave you in thoughts! And appreciate the need and importance of vegan leather.

Welcome to the reality!

The simplified process of making leather goes like this:

1. Kill the animal.
2. Strip the animal carcass of its skin. There’s an art to doing this in a way that the skin
doesn’t rip. Google “how to skin an animal” if you’re interested. There are lot of
tutorials on how to hang an animal upside down and methodically use a knife and
considerable force to peel its skin off the carcass.
3. Dispose of the animal’s body. This means typically butchering the animals’ carcass for
food. It’s worth mentioning that money is made at this point.
4. Soak, wash, scrape the skin to get rid of the fur, fat, excess meat and anything else you
find attached to the skin of sentient being. Again, at this point, you can sell the animal
skin for money.
5. Tan the skin. Which means throwing the skin in a large barrel with added tanning
agents to make the skin more commercially viable. Skin, like the rest of a body, naturally
decomposes. So we add chemicals to the skin to preserve the material while also
making it more durable and thicker for consumer use. It’s through this process, where
deadly chemicals are mixed with the skin to cause not only harm to our health, but
there’s a devastating effect on the environment. See images below of typical tannery
that is located in Morocco.

6. After tanning, the skin is sent off to various suppliers (for money), who will then turn
it into the immense variety of leather products that are on the market.


Apart from this research studies shows that meat industry surpassing the oil industry as “the world’s
biggest polluter,” it’s clear that an environmental ideal scenario would be for everyone to cut down
or completely back on both meat and leather.


Finally The 5 Reasons to Switch to Vegan Leather

1. Colour

Good quality vegan leather bags are more consistent in its colour during production than real leather. So they’ll last longer and keep you company for a long time!

2. They don’t have dark origins

In the case of bags, it’s usually cowhide or bovine. There is often violent fleshing of the animal in order to attain the hide. According to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), factories that acquire cattle for leather often overcrowd them, causing the animals to live in extreme distress.

Vegan bags and vegan purses are usually made by synthetic means like PU (polyurethane), which doesn't involve hurting or endangering any animal in the process. More fashion, less guilt!

3. They’re Modern in Approach

With the growing number of people switching to veganism, it is in the process that the future lies. Producing vegan products on an average reduces the amount of waste lost in the process, making it one of the most efficient processes in the fashion industry! What’s not to love? Their modern approach to bag-making is what, fashion experts say, will revolutionize the fashion industry in years to come.

4. They’re Ecosystem Friendly

Veganism isn’t just concerned with the ethical treatment of animals, they are also concerned with protection of the environment.The process of making a vegan leather bag is found to be less stressful on resources, and significantly produces less air-pollution than a leather tannery. While tanneries have to take into account proper disposal of the carcasses and other wastes that the animal might produce in the acquiring of leather, that worry is not associated with vegan leather.

5. They aren’t very different from real leather

Most leather experts say that they wouldn’t be able to tell real leather and vegan leather apart from eye level. This is because good vegan leather has the same texture and roughness of real leather. They are also more versatile than real leather, due to their ability to hold pigment well.


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